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Mini Brand Essence Course

This course is designed to help you create your brand personality and to help you build an audience. This mini-course is an introduction to brand archetypes that helps attract clients who might be interested in your offer down the road.

Yamilca Rodriguez

►Creative Brand Strategist◄

What is the best way to use this course? 

When building a following, a brand personality is a valuable resource for your target audience to get excited about. Typically, brand personalities are what your brand stands for. Clients who enjoy your brand will want more, so are more likely to enroll in a bigger or more expensive course later on. 

Other reasons why this course is valuable:

  • if you are a coach being able to give your client answers to their problems

  • Deliver your story with a strong magnetic presence

  • Understanding your clients needs and desires

  • Simple and easy to grasp and be able to teach others the concept

  • Understanding personality science

  • Enroll now!

    What is included in this mini-course?

    Success Stories with Purpose...

    Our most recent SUPERSTARS who had found their SUPERFANS.

    Jodi Vetterl

    Founder and Owner, Beyond the Banks

    Discovering the Archetype Method has revolutionized the way I think & communicate when it comes to my business and brand. It has helped narrow-down my audience so I save time & energy for those who are the right archetypes that are attracted to my brand and offerings. The Archetype Method is so powerful that I am able to effectively craft qualifying questions so I know exactly who I am speaking to during scheduled consultations, which provides a higher close rate in sales.

    Vincent Cheng

    CEO and Founder, Heal The Source

    We were amazed at the session – So excited! And life changing for our company! My team and I left our first session feeling motivated, focused and having a clear direction of where the brand is going. Yamilca guides with ease that has expertise and understanding underlying. We learned aspects of ourselves and the company that we never knew and Yamilca helped align the team to a common vision and language. Absolutely brilliant and highly recommended to any business seeking brand consulting!!!!

    Steph Shinabery

    Author and Speaker, Genius Code

    Working with Yamilca on my personal brand was not only delightful, but eye opening. Using her Archetype method not only did we dial my branding in based on my personality, but using that to attract my superfan! 

    The Archetype Method

    The Archetype Method has its foundation in psychology utilizing the four major drivers of human behavior.


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